Working Galleries for Sharing Images and Ideas

Links to Galleries of Images Shared via Zoom Discussions. Where the link is to an upload link, click DONE to see the gallery

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Images and Ideas: July 2021

Images and Ideas: June 2021

Images and Ideas : May 2021

Images and Ideas: April 2021

Images and Ideas: March 2021

Images and Ideas: February 2021                    

Images and Ideas: November 2020

Images and Ideas: October 2020

Images and Ideas: September 2020


Hedda Discussion Group April 2021

Hedda Discussion Group February 2021

Hedda Discussion Group November 2020

Hedda Discussion Group October 2020

Hedda Discussion Group September 2020

Hedda Discussion Group August 2020


Final selection of images included in Exhibition Proposal

Bermagui Workshop Images 2019

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Creative Workshop Galleries

John Wiseman Images