Photobooks, stories and work with words

Photobooks are a great opportunity to display a body of work, to explore and extend ideas and  to work with images and text. Several of our members enjoy working with this medium. Click on the cover thumbnails below to view electronic versions of members' publications and collections of words with images.

Haiga is the ancient Japanese tradition of combining poetry (haiku) with images. For inspiration see the links page and the work of Ron C Moss from Tasmania

Canberra PhotoConnect is a member of the Momento Pro Club Program. This program allows CPC members to join the Momento Pro Club. Members receive a 30% discount on their first book and a 10% discount thereafter. Membership of Momento Pro also allows access to more bookmaking options. We have a sample pack from Momento showing the available papers and covers. Please email us if you would like to have a look at these samples. Members need to register before they can download the Momento Pro software and access their discounts. This can take a few days as memberships must be verified. For more information, please visit

Member's Photobooks

Afterthoughts by Judy Parker

Afterthoughts by Judy Parker was winner of the Portfolio Section of the Australian Photographic Society's 2021 Photobook of the Year Competition.

Click here to see an animation of the book, 2021

Eleanor my daughter by Julie Garran

Flowers and Fruit by Julie Garran

Digital Stories

Mimosa National Park -- a digital story by Eva van Gorsel

Aragunnu - a digital story by Eva van Gorsel

Lake Cowal - a digital story by Helen McFadden


Books are organised alphabetically by author

Australia's Red Centre by Andrée Lawrey

West Greenland by Andrée Lawrey

Winter Meditations by Andrée Lawrey

See more of Andrée Lawrey's photographs at

Liked by Brian Rope. Runner-up in the APS 2020 Book of the Year Portfolio category

Ephemera: a collection of images with words by Brian Rope

100 Postcards by Eva van Gorsel

#TINYDREAMIMAGES by Eva van Gorsel

Facets by Manual Pfeiffer and Eva van Gorsel

A Glister of Leaves: Poems for a time of solitude by Giles Watson. A collection of poetry and images composed during the Covid lockdown.

If I had my life over I'd pick more daisies by Helen McFadden. Runner-up in the APS 2020 Photobook of the Year Storytelling category

Patagonia: Land of Ice and Fire. Volume 1 Ice by Helen McFadden

Patagonia: Land of Ice and Fire. Volume 2 Fire by Helen McFadden

Rajasthan 2016 by Helen McFadden

Butt Out by Judy Parker

The Home and Grown Sets: Connecting the Visual by Judy Parker

The Home and Grown Sets: Connecting the Visual grew out of an exhibition of work by Judy Parker held at CSIRO Discovery Centre in 2019.

Click here for a review of the exhibition.

Far and Near by Judy Parker

Underfoot Painted

Urban Yellow by Judy Parker

Beautiful Bizarre Broken: Women by Julie Garran

Beautiful Bizarre Broken: Men by Julie Garran

Beautiful Bizarre Broken: Children by Julie Garran