Conceptual Photography

The Australian Conceptual Photography Prize (now the Mullins Australian Conceptual Photography Prize) is an initiative of the Australian Photographic Society.

Run by the Australian Photographic Society in memory of APS members Doug and Barbara Mullins, the MACPP is acquisitive; meaning the printed winning artwork will become the property of Melbourne's Magnet Galleries. 

To qualify for the ACPP, images must be a still work that has been substantially produced by photographic means, including analogue and digital photography, collage and mixed media, and be accompanied by an artist's statement.

For information about the prize and to see former winners and finalists visit the Australian Photographic Society website.

Judy Parker was a finalist in both 2019 and 2020. 

Judy Parker: Conceptual Photography (click on image below to go to gallery)

Spilled Shadow by Brian Rope

Untitled photo

Brian Rope is also an active conceptual photographer. He is Chairman of the APS Contemporary Group and one of the admins on the allied Friends of APS Contemporary Group on Facebook. This group is open to non-APS members and provides online image sharing and discussions.