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NatureArt Lab

We welcome our speakers for May 2022, Julia Landford and Damien Esquerre of NatureArt Lab. NatureArt Lab promotes Nature, Photography, Conservation and the Environment and works to bring environmental awareness through art and creativity.

For more information see their website

Links to Articles: Photography making a difference

Links to Artist Organisations and Artists

ACT Writers Centre

Alan Pomeroy Art (Artist and Photographer)

Artists Society of Canberra

Australian Haiku (Echidna Tracks Magazine)

Brenda Runnegar (Artist and Photographer)

Canberra Craft Bookbinders Guild

     The members of the Canberra Craft bookbinders Guild exhibit their work annually.

     The catalogue for their 2020 exhibition may be seen here:

     Catalogues for previous exhibitions are on the National Library website may be seen here:

Canberra Region Feltmakers

       Lynn Petersen of the Canberra Region Feltmakes wrote to us saying she thought we might be interested in a collaborative project between Canberra Region Feltmakers and creative theatre folk (and a few photographers) from around Canberra (and beyond). The virtual exhibition, Something Quirky This Way Comes includes images and videos of imaginative felt finger puppers.


       There are two parts to this online exhibition - a virtual gallery and a video playlist.

It seems that our interests in exploring connections and inspiration between different art forms align. I am hoping to revisit this project next year and launch a new series of photographs and videos featuring hand-felted puppets. 

Canberra Photographic Society

Living Arts Canberra

M16 Artspace

NatureArt Lab


Short and Sweet Canberra

Tributary Projects

You are Here Canberra

Links to interesting photographic and artistic websites

Peter Beard

British Journal of Photography: 1854

Robert van Koesveld

Open Walls at Arles 2020

Josef Hoflehner - Modern Landscape Photographs and Photobooks

Richard White: Australian Landscape Photographer

Nick Brandt: Intimate Wildlife Photography with a message

Haiga is the ancient Japanese tradition of combining images with haiku poetry. Ron C. Moss from Tasmania is an artist, photographer and poet who practices haiga. For examples of his work see

A new Photobook: Winter Light by Grant DixonA crowd-funded photobook featuring images of Tasmania

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