About Canberra PhotoConnect

Canberra PhotoConnect is about building and strengthening links between photography, the arts, and society. Canberra PhotoConnect is developing a supportive community for learning, creative expression, social value, friendship, and fun!

Membership is open to photographers and non-photographers.

Objectives of Canberra PhotoConnect:

(a) to promote, support and enrich the practice of photography and its links to the arts and society;

(b) to assist, encourage and inspire members, whatever their existing skills and interests, in the development and expression of their artistic vision through shared learning and collaboration;

(c) to encourage the use of photography, together with other visual and expressive arts as appropriate, to create social value and meaning for members and the wider community.

Items of photographic interest and information about upcoming events are shared to our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pg/CanberraPhotoConnect/

Photography, invented in the 19th Century, continues to flourish and evolve in the 21st Century. Today’s cameras are incredibly powerful image making tools, capable of capturing family snapshots, fleeting moments of animals in the wild, magical light from the night sky. For many people, the traditional camera has been replaced by their phone, with its sophisticated electronics and algorithms taking the place of film and mechanical parts.

Photography has had a long and synergistic connection to the arts. In spite of early concerns, photography never replaced painting. Instead, by eliminating the need for paintings to be literal, photography contributed to wider trends in society that allowed artists to completely transform the visual arts through the many movements of the 19th and 20th Centuries. But photography was never limited to the literal, and indeed photographers have always exploited the creative opportunities afforded by the camera to express interpretive and abstract ideas. In addition, photographs are often used by painters as references. The camera, like the paintbrush, is a wonderful artistic tool.

Photography is a form of visual language, which is in turn part of a broader suite of practices we use to communicate with each other. Art, so vital for human expression and communication, is vast. Art includes writing, sculpture, drawing, painting, drama, movies, digital media, dance, music, pottery, jewellery, furniture, architecture, photography, etc, etc.

The purposes of photography are many and varied: preserving memories of family holidays, capturing beauty of the world we live in, communicating world events and issues, and so on. Photography, like the arts in general, has important social value.

Canberra Photoconnect aims to promote the evolving practice of photography and its links to the arts and society by assisting members in the development and expression of their artistic vision through shared learning and collaboration.

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Canberra PhotoConnect is registered as a Community Organisation in the ACT: Organisation Number A06125

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