Giles Watson (photo by Lata Wright)

Untitled photo

Giles Watson was born in Southampton, and has lived alternately in England and Australia all his life. In addition to poetry and painting, he writes essays on natural history and mediaeval visual culture, is an avid walker, photographer and amateur naturalist, and has a keen interest in theatre. His academic work has included a doctoral thesis on religion and culture in England during the Second World War. As a secondary school teacher, he has taught English, History, Drama, Sociology and Film. Much of his work is infused with his own idiosyncratic spirituality: awed by nature and steeped in history. His publications include poetry, novels and essays, and he is the librettist for Mimma: A Musical of War and Friendship. He now lives in Albany, Western Australia, where he enjoys creative collaborations with the songwriter, Simone Keane. He has also collaborated with the photomedia artist Buffarches, composer Kathryn Wheeler, and with two visual artists, John Lincoln and Martin Williamson.

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