Supporting Wildlife and Conservation

Photography for Wildlife Conservation. Ann Eldridge, a photographer and volunteer at the National Zoo and Aquarium is coordinating a project where photographers of birds and wildlife could donate their images to raise funds for local and overseas conservation projects. An exhibition is planned for mid 2020 where images, cards and other products would be for sale. If you are interested in participating in this project, please contact Ann by emailing and asking us to forward the message. 

Ann Eldridge has recently compiled a book of Orangutan images. Click on the image above to see the image gallery.

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The Snow Leopard trust is one of the conservation groups supported throught the National Zoo and Aquarium. For a full list, see the National Zoo and Aquarium Conservation page. Photo of a snow leopard in Ladakh, India, by Helen McFadden.

Illustrating Australia's Wildlife

Canberra Birds and Wildlife is a Facebook Page dedicated to photography and other creative responses to flora and fauna from Canberra and sometimes from further afield. The page showcases the work of Gerard Jenkins, whose image 'Marbled Owl Rhapsody on a theme of Paganini' is shown above. Some of Gerard's images, such as the Lyrebird below, have been used as inspiration for poetry and drawings by Giles Watson. Giles poetry readings Superb Lyrebird and Regent Honeyeater can be viewed (and listened to, with birdsong) via these links.

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External Links relating to conservation that may be of interest

Conservation Photography Icon Peter Beard

Peter Beard is a well-known photographer who worked in Kenya and East Africa in the mid-twentieth century. He died earlier this year and in tribute, vlogger Daniel Milnor talks on You tube about one of Peter Beard's books "The End of the Game" (the vlog is quite long, start at minute 10 to cut to the chase about the book). This book documents the tragic consequences to large animals when wildlife and humanity collide. Peter is known for his use of journals, notes, overlays and compound images to tell his story. To see more of Peter's work visit his official site or visit his publisher's website  (Taschen Books) to see images from a new retrospective of his work (due out in June 2020).

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Watching the earth melt away: Photoshelter Blog about Joe McNally's photos of George Divoky in Alaska