Fusion Art

In the world of art, 'mixed media' refers to the mixing of different media to create an artwork, for example, a picture made with ink and watercolour. We use the term 'fusion art' to extend 'mixed media' to include photography and digital media.

This page show some examples by Matt James.

Shibuya Crossing

A famous pedestrian crossing near the Shibuya train station in Tokyo, where many thousands of people cross each day. The picture represents modern city life in Japan. Japan’s deep history and culture is always present, at least in the background - here symbolised by Mt Fuji.

This picture is an abstraction of original photographs. Part of the inspiration was traditional Japanese painting styles.

Shibuya Crossing, Matt James

The Dance

Abstraction based on photos of a dancer taken in my studio, inspired by Matisse’s “La Dance” and Rothko’s colour field paintings.

The Dance, Matt James

Canyon Star Trails

Abstraction of star trails at Glen Helen Gorge in Central Australia. The print is a digital version of the traditional 'lino cut', allowing the natural paper texture to show through.

Untitled photo