Examples of PhotoConnections.

Photobooks and Photographs with Words

Photobooks provide an excellent vehicle for showcasing a body of work incorporating images, text and other elements. They are beautiful, three dimensional objects when realised in print and a way of presenting ideas in digital format. Visit this page for links to photobooks and books combining images, poetry and prose.

Canberra PhotoConnect is a member of the Momento Pro Club Program. This program allows CPC members to join the Momento Pro Club. Members receive a 30% discount on their first book and a 10% discount thereafter. Membership of Momento Pro also allows access to more bookmaking options. We have a sample pack from Momento showing the available papers and covers. Please email us if you would like to have a look at these samples. Members need to register before they can download the Momento Pro software and access their discounts. This can take a few days as memberships must be verified. For more information, please visit

Two Canberra PhotoConnect members were among the winners of the Australian Photographic Society Photobook Competition (sponsored by MomentoPro) . See all the winners

Canberra Craft Bookbinders Guild

The members of the Canberra Craft bookbinders Guild exhibit their work annually. The catalogue for their 2020 exhibition may be seen here

Catalogues for previous exhibitions are on the National Library website and may be seen here

Conceptual Photography 

Conceptual photography aims to create work that illustrates concepts and ideas and thinking outside the box

Supporting Wildlife and Conservation

Photography can be a powerful medium to educate and persuade

Botanical Art Photographs

Photography used in the pursuit of beauty

Requiem for a Reef

A collaboration between a glass artist, musicians and a photographer to draw attention to the plight of our planet


We engage with photographs of people

Fusion Art

Pushing beyond the boundaries of the literal to create art from photographs

Member Websites

We are happy to introduce the work of our members. Please click on the links to go to these external websites. Please contact us if you would like us to showcase your work in this way.

Andrée Lawrey

Eva van Gorsel

Helen McFadden

Ian Marshall

Matt James

Phil McFadden

PhotoConnections around the world... some inspiration and background information

New Links

A new book with a retrospective look at the work of wildlife photographer Peter Beard

British Journal of Photography online - new photograph every day

Robert van Koesveld: Geiko and Meiko of Kyoto

Previous Links - still worth looking at

Openwalls at Arles 2020 Winners

Josef Hoflehner - Modern Landscape Photographs and Photobooks

Richard White - Australian Landscape Photographer (died suddenly in May)

Michael Kenna and Yvonne Meyer-Lohr, Forms of Japan

Nick Brandt, On this Earth,  A Shadow Falls

Tate Gallery, Painting and Photography

Dominique de Font-Reaulx, Painting and Photography 1839-1914, Flammarion, 2012.